Maid of Honor Duties For A Destination Wedding

Ok destination weddings means you have the most responsibility. Still it is important to remember, any role in a wedding costs money, especially for a Maid of Honor and not to mention a destination wedding. just be prepared for it getting a little expensive. I would not expect her to pay your way.

  1. if the bride and groom are staying in separate hotel rooms the night before the wedding you are responsible for moving their stuff and putting it all way in the room that they will be spending their first night together. My advice miss the send off and give yourself about 30min.
  2. if they are using an website or any social media account for pictures it is your job to print them all out and have it in a book to have for their return. Walgreens and artcow has the best deals if you don’t want to scrapbook.
  3. set with your bride as she pics out everything make notes and even draw pictures of how you translate her idea. Especially with go so far you can’t be guaranteed that it will work out the way she described so that will help bring her vision to life.
  4. buy stationary for the bride and groom to pass notes the day of the wedding hint( have the flower girl and ring bearer do all the running.)
  5. keep a bag on you at all times with tissues tide to go pen safety pen and lip gloss mints are a plus.
  6. make sure the bride is as calm as possible. Bring a Bluetooth speaker and play music it help keep the emotional roller coaster to a min.
  7. flowers are the hardest thing to plan for ask the florist to make 2 of her bouquets and let her pick the one that comes out the best.
  8. Ask the bride what she needs your help in and what her expectations on.

Some brides are more self-reliant and simply ask for their bridesmaids and Maid of Honor to stand with them for photos. Some would like some help with making decisions like picking out a dress or to offer opinions on decision making, or just feed them a bite of food in between wardrobe changes during the reception so that they’re not starving by the time the night is over.

There are also some who expect the Maid of Honor to act as something of a personal assistant to the bride–which is cool if both parties are on board with it, but that is definitely not something I’d deliberately ask my Maid of Honor to do though I’d be happy to help a friend with these tasks if she really needed the assist.

Just like with romantic relationships, communication is important! The earlier you clear up expectations the better, since that’ll leave you two more time to work out any concerns before emotions start to run high as the deadline draws near.

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