Being A Bridesmaid Is A Financial Commitment

Being a part of a wedding is a financial commitment so always think about that before accepting.

Still, as the bride you have certain responsibilities to your maid of honor and bridesmaids. One of them is not expecting them to spend outside of their means. And that means matching designer dresses tailored to their body shape is a no-no.

Most importantly, let them choose their dresses. I personally think its rude to make people spend money on a dress they didn’t pick out.

Giving people options and letting them know what is required vs. what is option was key to keeping my bridesmaids happy and on-budget.

When your girls start planning the bridal shower don’t get involved. It is their gift to you, the party is in your behalf, but it isn’t a party that you are allowed to plan.

That means that you can’t get offended if the bridal shower invitation doesn’t match the theme that they picked out.

No body will care, and least of all you should care.

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